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Welcome to K&M Farm, we are located on Cheap Hill which is in Chapmansboro TN.  K&M stands for Kelly and Mario.  My name is Kelly Santilli and I moved here in 2007.  I have always dreamed of having a farm and now that dream has come true.  We have several critters on are farm and enjoy all of them and are now planning on raising nigerian dwarf goats.  I purchased my first breeding buck in January of this year and will have our first offspring in December/January.   I am also planning on purchasing a mini silki and mini Nubian goat bucks also for breeding in 2013.  I also raise Mini Silki chickens and have been selling silkie chicks and they have been very colorful due to my 2 Roosters which you can check out under Our Silkies. We also sell misc. critters.  Our animals are well taken care of and range free.  Check out are photo page of some of are critters and Misc. for sale.  





We have added many goats to our herd and they are all special to us.  We have 1 Silky Buck at this time, but are planning on purchasing a Blue eyed Silky Buck this Fall or in The Spring of 2014.  We have 2 Mini Nubian Bucks, 1 Mini Nubian Doe and a very nice Nubian Doe who will give us some nice mini Nubian Babies and they are all very sweet and lovable.   This January/February we will have lots of Baby goats Due and can't wait to see how they look. We also have done some more improvements around the farm such as a new face on the barn and new doors.  I will be posting picturs of the new barn face.  Under the "About Us" Tab.  This year has been the start of our adventure in the goat world and we are looking forward to the New year which will bring us some nice baby goats.  I have also purchased some New Bearded Silkie Chickens to add to my breeding program for Spring/Summer and fall of 2014.  We should also have some baby ducks and geese this spring of 2014.  Please check back often to see what is availble for sale.  Thanks for visiting my website.





Updated on 4-18-2014


We are so excited, we had are first Cria Born on 4-17-2014 from our Lilly

Pictures are under our Alpca Tab


We have are first Rabbits, A a Lionhead Buck (all white with blue Eyes and 2 Female, One is a Calico color and the other one is Gray & Brown. You can see there Pictures and info under My Rabbit Hutch Tab.

We have a New La Mancha Doeling  and Mini LaMancha Buckling.  You can see there pictures under the LaMancha/Mini La Mancha Tab. Buckling is under the LaMancha/ Mini LaMancha tab and then click under the bottom left tab (Mini LaManch Bucks & Bucklings. We will be breeding her to our Nigerian bucks to give us some Mini LaMancha Doeling's that we will then breed to our Mini LaManch Buckling.   She has great bloodlines for Milking Goat Breed.


We have purchased two Alpaca's (Lilly and Isadora) Pictures and info are under the Alpaca Tab


Crested Cream Legbar Chicks will be coming next Month, I have 15 eggs IN the incubater.  Prices will be listed under the for sale tab, Just click on the Crested Cream Legbar tab.


Silky Chicks wil be hatching end of this month and next

 We HAVE added some new Roosters and Hens to our Breeding

Program (Bearded Silkies)


We have Baby Ducks and geese eggs in incubator and should hatch begining of next Month.


  We will be selling Australian shepard puppies in the Fall of 2014


We also offer Stud service on all or Goat Bucks.  Contact me for more info

 and priceing.





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