We are located on Cheap Hill which is in Chapmansboro TN, which is 20 minutes from Clarksville & Ashland City.  We are a small Hobby Farm and Raise Various critters .  Are main focus is raising the Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are starting are Mini LaMancha Breeding this Spring.    We also sell baby Ducks, Geese, Rabbits and Silky chickens in the Spring/Summer.  Next Summer 2016 we are planning on having some Toy Austrailian Sheppard Puppies (Hopefully in the Fall)

K&M stands for Kelly and Mario




If you would like to come out and see the farm then Please TXT or Email Me First.


Monday - Friday : 9am to 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm (by Appointment only)


 Critter Info


Updated on

5-4- 2015

We now offer PayPAL on our For Sale Pages so that you can send money Faster and Securley for your Purchases


You can also check us out on our Facebook page


Coming to our Farm

This is "Lola" She will becoming to our Farm once she has Kidded and kids weaned , she is coming from Tks Mountain Ridge Farm

This is our New Mini LaMancha Doeling From Jolly Beggers Farm. She will be coming to our Farm in May after she is weaned from Mom


This Pretty Blue Eyed Doeling will be coming to our Farm in June From K Kountry Farm. She will be coming to our Farm  after she is weaned from Mom


Info on critters we sell and updates below

Baby Goats :  **  

We have 2 baby Goats Available and 3 more Doe Due this month ( May) check out our Breeding Schedule and Baby Goat Nursery.

We are still taking Reservations for Summer 2015 Babies. If you would Like to reserve a kid from a certain breeding Pair (Under Breeding Schedule)


We are Planning to Breed our Toy Aussie Female to are Toy Aussie MALE early fall (2015) for Fall Puppies.

Baby Bunnies: We have 2 Male Fuzzy Lops left and 1 adult female Lion Head(1 year old) , so if interested  just check out K&M'S Rabbitry Tab/ and then Bunnies for Sale Tab

Baby Geese:  Coming Soon,  Spring/Summer.


Silky Chicks:  Our Blue Hen is laying on a batch and should hatch this Month (May)

Baby Ducks:  Coming Soon,  Spring/Summer. We have some new Breeding pairs for  Spring (Welsh Harlquin, Crested White and Blue Swedish)


Turkey Poults :  (RED BOURBON) We should have some this next month (June), our Hen is laying on her nest of eggs

Chicks & Chicken:  We sell the following breeds (Americona's, Marans, Rhode Island red, Crested Cream Legbar and mixed)  We hav few hatching from the incubator in ( June ) and will post what is availble soon on our  CHICKS, CHICKENS, GUINEA KEETS & TURKEY POULTS FOR SALE PAGE

Guinea Keets: We are hoping to have some this fall, we have some nice colored Giunea's .

This is are Farm Mascott

She is a PotBelly Pig

"White Foot"

She loves to Herd The Goats.

Respect for animals


 Genesis 1:26?
Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, [a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground."


Caring for Animals


Proverbs 27:23

 Know well the condition of your flocks, And pay attention to your herds;





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