2020 Baby Goat Nursery/For Sale

If this is your first baby Goat then I'm asking that you read my Goat Care Info

*Click on Red Button to see Goat Care Info*


Hold :  Waiting on Deposit

Pending : Deposit Recieved/ Waiting on Pickup

SOLD: Goat has gone to new home


All Baby Goats will be , Disbudded (Unless New Owner wants them horned), given 1st CDT and Coccida Preventative before they go to there new Homes

If Registered they will be tatooed and if they are unregestered we can provide a Baby Goat Birth Certificate for a Small Fee of $2  paid through PayPal and must be received before baby goat is picked up

All are kids are Dam raised unless we have to Bottle feed them

** 25 % Discount will be given on the purchase of two or more baby goats**

Doeling's are weaned at 10-12 Weeks

Bucklings are weaned at 8-10weeks


We Require a NonRefundable Deposit of $100 to hold baby Goats  Until ready for there New Homes

**Deposit must be received within 7 days or Baby Goat will be Listed Available again**

(We only except PayPal)

***When using PayPal, Please send as Freind & Family to avoid the Fee, thanks*****



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