2016 Baby Goats Sold




SIRE: LakeFront Acres "Moon Shadow"

DAM: Kelly's Critters "Snow White"

DOB:  2-22-2016


Doeling - Black Swiss Marked with Silver MoonSpots

Buckling - Black Swiss Marked




SIRE: Elemental "Gold Spotted Moon"

DAM: Duff Acres " Candie Cane"

DOB: 2-23-2016


Buckling - Black With White, White Pole & Frosted Ears /Muzzle

Doeling - Buckskin With White, White Pole, Frosted Ears/Muzzle & Blue Eyes



SIRE: Lakefront Acres "Moon Shadow"

DAM:  Tks Mountain Rdg Farm "Lucky Kiss"

DOB: 2-24-2016


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