I have always dreamed of having a farm and now that dream has come true. 

My name is Kelly Santilli and I moved here in 2007.  Me and Mario purchased this farm which is 15 acres, and it has a huge barn and Corn crib. 10 acres is wooded and it has a nice pasture.

 We have done a lot of construction and remodeling of the inside of our barn by building stalls  to accomadate are animals and make them comfortable and happy they free range within there fenced in area.  We also turned the corn crib into the duck and chicken coop and next that is a nice size pond that our ducks, geese and eveyone enjoys.

We are very happy here and enjoy all our animals and  

   have several critters that we care for and some of them we breed and sell there offspring for others to enjoy. 

We started out with Horses (1 reg size and two mini's ) we enjuyed them but decided we weren't really horse people. 

We had two pigmy goats also 1 doe that we still have (Hailey) and Harley who we lost.  I did purchse another pigmy doe (Zena ) and Buck (Mustang) that ended up selling because I wanted to raise nigerian dwarf goats. 

I purchased my first breeding buck in January of this year along with some Nigerian, Nigoria and Mini Nubian Does/ doelings  and  had our first offspring in December/January of 2014.  

We also Purchsed a mini silki and mini Nubian buck also for breeding in 2013.  We have added many goats to our herd and they are all special to us.  We had 1 Silky Buck and decided to add a Blue eyed Mini Silky Buck (Dakota Rum).

We have decide to cut back on our herd and the different breeds. We are no longer breeding the Mini Nubians and will only have 1 Mini Silky Buck and Doe. 

We also purchsed a Lamanda Doe That we can breed her to our nigerian bucks for Mini LaMancha's, which then we purchased a Mini LaMancha Buck  



 We also have done some more improvements around the farm such as a new face on the barn and new doors.  I will be posting picturs of the new barn face.  Under the "About Us" Tab. 


This year has been the start of our adventure in the goat world and we are looking forward to the New year which will bring us some nice baby goats.   We had our first  baby ducks and geese this spring of 2014 and will have more next spring 2015.  We added some new breeds of Ducks for next breeding in 2015 (Welsh Harliquin, White Crested and Blue Swedish





We are adding some Mini Donkey's to the Farm this Spring/Summer 2016


Please check back often to see what is availble for sale.  Thanks for visiting my website.


Our animals are well taken care of and range free


I hope you enjoy the pictures of our farm. 


Pictures of our Farm


This is our pond and duck house which is one side of the chicken coop.  Our Chicken coop consist of two rooms one for the Ducks which has a side openening going to the pond. and the other side with a opening in the front for our regular size chickens.

Here is a picture of the front of the chicken coop

Picture of our pasture and entrance sign.



Picture of our new entrance (door) to our Chicken coop.

Picture of my Office Building and Small chicken coop were I keep my Silkie Chickens.

This is the picture of our new barn Face.  We still need to find some barn Decor to complete it.

Inside the Barn



These two pictures were taken in February

This is our New Goat Play Ground, we bult it this past Month JUNE 2014

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