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Reserving kids from a specific breeding Pair

Verbal Reservations ONLY

  to reserve kids for our spring/summer/fall breeding.

 email or text me with your choice/choices



We will do our best to fill your reservation, but of course we do NOT know ahead of time how many kids a doe will have or what sex they will be.

Once kids are born from a reserved breeding, we will contact those holding reservations to advise that the reserved kid was or was not born,  (in the case of an unfilled reservation) or if the reserved kid was born or if a
choice needs to be made (which kid).

***Keep in mind that We have first pick on kids born***

Reservation List for Non Specific Pairs

#1 Lynda Phanco (Doeling)




** February, March, April & May 2020**


Due Dates are ESTIMATED and based on 145 gestation days




"Rebel" is bred to the Does Listed Below

Rebel  has a nice Pedigree, Blue Eyes and Moonspots

ADGA Registered

Kelly's Critters Pixie Dust

Pixie is Nigerian/Angora/Mini Silky



Date Bred:  10-8-2019


Date Due:  3-1-2020


Confirmed Pregnant:  TBD




* Kids will be sold unregistered, this is an experimental breeding*

Doe's : $250 - 300

Buck's : N/A

Wether's :  $125 - $150

Kelly's Critters Jesse

Purbreed Nigerian Dwarf  ADGA Registered

Nice Pairing with great Bloodlines


Jesse is Blue Eyed & Has a Few Moon Spots



Date Bred: 12-6-2019


Date Due:  4-30-2020


Confirmed Pregnant:  TBD




* Kids will be sold ADGA Registered*

Doe's : $400 - 550 Doeling May be Retained

Buck's :  $300- 450

Wether's :  150-200

"Shadow" is bred to the Doe's Listed Below

Shadow  has a nice Pedigree, Blue Eyes and Moonspots

ADGA Registerd

Kelly's Critters Lil SunShine

Purbreed Nigerian Dwarf  IDGR Registered


Lil SunShine is Blue Eyed


Date Bred:  10-4-2019


Date Due:  2-27-2020


Confirmed Pregnant:  YES




* Kids (Doeling's Only) can be Registered with IDGR*

Doe's : $250 - 350 (2 Doeling's Reserved for Valerie Maruhn)

Buck's : N/A

Wether's :  $125 - $150

"Abe" is bred to the Doe Listed Below

Abe is a Mini Lamancha and has Blue Eyes 

MDGA Registered

3rd Generation

Maczoo farm Black Magic Nellie

3rd Genearation Mini LaMancha  MDGA Registered

Nice Pairing with great Bloodlines


Nellie is Blue Eyed 



Date Bred: 12-6-2019


Date Due: 4-30-2020


Confirmed Pregnant:  TBD


Possible: BLUE EYES 


* Kids will be sold ADGA Registered*

Doe's : $250 - 350 Doeling will be Retained

Buck's :  $200- 300

Wether's :  100-150

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