Sale Policy for Baby Goats



 No Refunds unless somthing Happens to your Baby Goat in my Care, then we will refund the Deposit or offer another baby goat if available.


All baby goats will have there 1st CDT shot & given Cocidia Preventative before they go to there new

home.  We will also include a care sheet upon request.

*We only Disbud Goats upon request and a fee of $15*


There will be a $2 per day charge if Baby goat/goats are not picked UP when ready and If I do not hear from you within 7 Days, you will forfiet your deposit AND the baby goat/baby goats will be available for sale.


I have the right to refuse sale of a Goat to anyone.  I have the right to decide
to keep any of my Goats at any time.  They are my babies first and I will make
decisions that I feel are best for the Goat.


 ** * Wethers will be banded before they go to there new home unless you are purchasing a Bottle Baby then it will be up to the New owner to have them wetherd.


 *We will not be responsible for the baby goat once it leaves our farm.  It will be up to the new owner to provide the proper care for there baby goat.

  Please read our Baby Goat Care Tab for important care info.

*******SEE TAB BELOW******


******If this is your first goat and you do not have any on your farm, you will be required to purchase at least two.  Because goats are herd animals and require companion with other goats to fully make them happy and healthy.  I also advise that you research more on goat care and health. This will make things easier when you get your babies home.







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