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If you need help or have any questions about your baby once you have them home, feel free to contact me and I will help you with what I can, but I am not a Vet.




* Provide your goat/goats with a shelter that is dry and out of the weather. Use a dry bedding like straw during cold weather.  We have a barn were are goats can go in when they choose and we keep a thick layer of hay/straw on the ground in the winter so it is dry and warm for them.


*Provide your baby goat with good quality feed ( you should keep them on same feed and gradually switch to your feed this way it does not mess with the goat rumen). Make sure not to over feed them on grain. We also add Alfaya Pellets and BOS (Black Oil Sunflower seeds)

Also provide good quality hay and pasture.

We feed our goats 16 % Course Goat Feed from Co-op once per day and provide them with hay n the winter months

 Because forage is most important in your goats diet.  They have acces to pasture at all times.


Goat Feed 16% Course
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This picture is of our Feeding Stall, we keep it closed off except when Goats are fed in the morning, that way we don't have them pooping in there feed trays

*Water should be clean and changed out every day. We use the baby pig wateres  and Rubber Buckets that we place on Blacks so we can keep them up of the ground, so that they can not poop in there water.  We use warm water in the winter time

* Minerals should also be provided.  You  can choose to leave

out as free choice our add to there feed.

We provide ours as Free choice and have several Mineral/Baking soda stations.  We use the Mineral feeder with 2 sides (Green color).

We  use :   Sweetlix 16:8 Meat Maker Mineral 25#

My goats love it and it provides all the minerals they need


Sweetlix 16:8 Meat Maker Mineral Label info
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We also provide our goats with Baking soda that we place in our two sided feeders used for our minerals, one side for minerals and the other for Baking soda


* Your baby goat/ Goats should be wormed as needed.  We worm our goats with mainly a pellet form that is save for Pregnant or Lactating Does and also Ivermectin, Pancure & Cydectin .  We use the Safe Guard for Goats on are kids. 

*Your baby goat should be kept up to date on there vaccinations. We have or vet vaccinate are baby goats at 8 days old when dibudded.  


Hoofs should be checked monthly and trimmed as needed. We have provided some rocks for them to climb on and play, we also put some rolled roofing oon our play area to help keep there hoofs sanded down naturally.


There is so much info that you can find on the web on caring for goats and all farms are different so you need to do what works best for you and your goats to keep them healthy and happy


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