Care Sheet
Raising A Bottle


Cogratulations on your new
kid! Here is an outline for how to raise a healthy, friendly bottle baby.

Feeding Schedule
*this is meant as a general guide, some babies will need more or less*


1-3days: 5 feedings per day, 2-4 oz per

3 days to 2 weeks: 4 feedings per day 2-4 ounces per feeding

2-8 weeks: 3 feedings per day, 4-8 at this point I gradually increase as baby
needs it but I have never fed over 8 ounces per feeding some may need more

I bottle feed mine until 12 weeks

So at around 8 weeks I gradually start decreasing the amount in each bottle until they are weaned at 12 weeks.

*I aim for about 1 oz per lb of body
weight for the 1st 3 weeks*

We recommend using Whole Vitamin D Cow's Milk from the grocery store to bottle feed your baby.


At 4 weeks of age, you can add .5 cc's of Poly-Vi-Sol to a bottle everyday for additional vitamins and minerals.

Always warm the milk to about 102* (slightly warmer than you would for a human baby)-a baby goat cannot digest cold milk.

Remember to shake the bottle before feeding to eliminate hot spots in the milk.


You should start introducing water, hay and goat feed around 4 weeks of age. They will probably do little more than play with it at first, but they will eventually get
the idea about solid foods.






For the first few weeks, I do keep mine inside in Dog playpens but they will do well outside kept in a
separate pen from adults in the barn.

Even in the very coldest weather they do
well outside provided it is draft free dry and heat lamps are provided.

If you choose to keep yours inside, they can stay in a Playpen or dog playpen and be diapered/or puppy pads but you might want to diaper if they do not take to the puppy pads and it may take a few days or more before they get the hang of it. I use the Dog playpen and keep the puppy pads in that and put them in the palypen evey hour and tell them to potty and once they learn to go on the puppy pad then I would just put the puppy pads out side the cage also.



Just remember, going from a heated/cooled
house to the outdoors can be a system shock, so plan accordingly.

Around 4 weeks of age you can introduce them to the "big guys"

Be sure they have a safe place to get away from the adults-for instance a creep feeding are-because older goats are often less than nice to younger goats. They should learn quickly what the body language is and run
for safety when they get "the look" from another






Vaccination/Cocci/Deworming Schedule

First CDT will be given when Disbudded

Give 2nd CDT at 4 weeks after that once per year


Baby Goats will be given Coccidia Preventative before going to There new home.  I would advise that you Research this and have a preventative in case of  an outbreak, because it can be fatel.  There is lots of products out there and info


Baby goats are given Safe Guard for goats before they go to there new home~deworm ( monthly thereafter for the 1st year)


Thes are my guidlines and can be used but I'm not a vet so if you have question you can contact your Vet

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