Welcome to our Caviary

We raise and Breed a Small herd of Skinny Piggies.

Our Breeds are The Skinny & Skinny WereWolf 

we always breed with temperament and health in mind.

*Please do your research before committing to a pet*

Caring for Guinea Pigs

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 Our Piggies are Provided with Hay 24/7, a small amount of Timothy based Pellets, and Veggies daily.   I spot clean there cages daily & Completly clean them every other Day.  I only use fleece and Bath mats for bedding.  I also use cat litter boxes with Pine pellets that we put there hay in. 




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We are a Member of the American Cavy Breeders Association


Our Piggie Setup (We have 3 good size cages, a smaller one for our Breeding and two small ones for extra cages for new arrivals ) 

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