Holland Lop Herd

I decided to get back into the Holland Lops because I miss them so much and they ar one of my favorite breeds of Rabbits.  I will mainly be focusing on Blue and Chocolate colores including Solids, Brokens, Otters and VM's/VC.  All my Breeding stock will be Pedigreed.  



Our Bucks



 " Lil Mason"

Call Name: Mason




DOB: 6-7-2020


Color: Chocolate VM


Breed: Holland Lop


Sire: Shaunas"Leonidas"

Dam: Shaunas "Savannah"

Fraine Farm " Mr Fuzzlebun "

Call Name: Fuzzy





DOB: 5-19-2020


Color: Broken Blue Otter


Breed: Fuzzy Holland Lop


Sire: Fraine Farm "Scatterbrain" 

Dam: Happy Hill's  "Georgia Blues"


Shauna's " Max"




DOB: 6-1-2020


Color: Chocolate Magpie VC


Breed: Holland Lop


Sire: Shaunas "Marlow"

Dam:  Shaunas "JoJo"

Our Doe's



Fraine Farm " Blue Mist"

Call Name: Misty




DOB: 5-14-2020


Color: Solid Blue Tort


Breed: Holland Lop


Sire: G.C. Diegel's "Ken"

Dam: Woods Cove  "Glory"

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