Care info for Mini Donkeys


Any good quality grass hay, such as Bermuda , Timothy or Orchard would be good choices for miniature donkeys.  Do not feed alfalfa which is too high in protein, except foals may benefit from small amounts of alfalfa.  Ideally your hay selection should be in the range of 10% to 12% protein.



Always have water available to your donkeys.  It is important that it be fresh, they will not drink well if the water is stale, dirty or algae is accumulating.  Proper temperature is important, if it gets to hot, they won’t drink, keep it in the shade.  In the winter if frozen over they will not be able to intake an adequate amount.  This could lead to colic.



Donkeys need to have shelter from the hot sun in summer to rain, sleet, and snow in the winter.    A simple way to provide shelter is a three sided shed with a roof; this should be turned away from prevailing winds.  Do not close your donkeys up in the barn because you are feeling cold.  They need fresh air at all times or if put in the barn due to bad weather conditions make sure you provide plenty of ventilation. 



Proper hoof care is essential to the well being of your donkey.    The trimming frequency is dependant on several things.  The amount of room your donkey has to move around on, type of ground and individual growth.



Worming on a routine basis is an essential part of good donkey care.  Take the time to learn from your veterinarian what is considered the normal schedule for your area.   Rotating helps reduce immunity and loss of effectiveness of any given product. 


Vaccinate in the spring and fall for Influenza, Rhino, Eastern/Western Encephalomalitis, and West Nile. Rabies and Tetanus should be given once a year. This routine can vary according to exposure. Check with your veterinarian for professional advice on vaccinations.


***A mineral supplement must be available at all times. Since miniature donkeys can easily be overfed, they often do not get enough minerals in their meager rations. Minerals can be provided in the form of a lick or loose minerals that can be offered free choice or used as a top dressing.

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