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Bielefelder Kennhuhn

The Bielefelder Kennhuhn or Bielefelder is a German breed of domestic chicken. It was developed in the area of Bielefeld in the 1970s by Gerd Roth, who cross-bred birds of Malines and Welsumer stock with American Barred Rocks to create the breed. 
Egg colourbrown
Weight> Male:: standard: 3.0–4.0 kg; bantam: 1.3 kg;
Usedual-purpose, meat and eggs


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Mottled Cochin Bantam 


The Mottled Cochin has the classic dense, long soft plumage and poofy tail. Their beautiful black feathers display an attractive iridescent green sheen. Various amounts of feathers in their plumage have white tips, creating the mottled appearance. Half the feathers on their shanks and outer toes are also tipped in white. Cochins have a single comb, are good foragers, and are cold hardy. They do have feathered feet, so care will need to be taken in snow and ice. Cochins are also docile and broody 
They lay small light brown to tinted eggs.
Average weight: roosters 32 oz, hens 28 oz.
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Silkie Showgirl



The Showgirl Silkie is a unique looking chicken that is a Silkie and turken or naked neck cross-breed. They are small, calm, sweet & gentle birds. Showgirls combine the features of two of the weirdest looking breeds, Silkies and Transylvanian Naked Necks or Turkens and they have all the Silkie characteristics, along with the naked neck.

Bronze Turkey

Use: Bronze Turkeys are the heavyweight of the Turkey class. They were developed as a meat producing variety though they are no longer favored in commercial production because of their dark pin feathers.

History: The Bronze was developed in the 1700’s in the United States from wild strains of similar coloration crossed with turkeys brought from Europe. This breed was progressively selected for larger breast and legs and became an important commercial turkey until they were replaced with Broad Breasted White turkeys. They were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

Bronze turkeys are a dark colored variety with black feathers and a copper-colored bronze band covering much of their body. All turkeys should have a broad body with a large full breast. Legs should be straight and strong, set wide apart. Standard weights: Old Tom: 36 lbs., Young Tom: 25 lbs., Old Hen: 20 lbs., Young Hen: 16 lbs.


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