Our Breeds Include : Blue Swedish, Welsh Harlequin, Pekin, Kacki Cambell & Mallard

We sell Baby Ducks in The Spring/Summer when available

Ducks are typically hardier than other poultry such as chickens or turkeys, some strains can lay as many eggs as the best chicken layers, and they are fun to watch with their antics in your backyard, your barnyard or your pond. They grow quickly and will rid your garden, yard or orchard of slugs, snails, earwigs or any other bug they can find.

Duck manure will increase the fertility of your soil and you can collect their feathers to make many arts and crafts. Don't miss out on impressing your neighbors with beautifully colored duck eggs in spring or the best eggnog in winter. When it comes to cooking, we hear both professional and amateur bakers swear by the virtues of replacing chicken eggs with duck eggs.




Our Mallord Pair

Our Male: Pretty Boy

Our Female : She is Mallord/Pekin Mix : Marlow

Our Blue Swedish  Pair

Our Male:  Blue Boy

Our Female: Bonnie

Our Welsh Harlequin Pair

Our Male: Harley

Our Female:  Betsy

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