K & M 's Rabbitry

I have Reopened my Rabbitry Because I Miss having My Bunnies and off course Babies. My Rabbitry will be very Small Though and I will only have a Limited number of Litters Per Year. My Focus is no longer Breeding the Holland Lop but more towards Experimental Breed (Astrex/Curley Fur) & Plush Lops , I'm just getting started with the Astrex/Curley Fur Program & Plush Lops.   babies from these programs will be sold as Pet Quality  (Non Pedigreed).    I will be providing a Bunny Birth Certificate for all babies.  Right now I only have 3 Rabbits:  "Merlin" who is a Male Lion Head with The Astrex Gene, he has soft Curly Fur with no Mane. My Female is a Mini Rex Doe who is purbred (Pedigreed).   I also have a Small Holland Lop Buck that I will breed to my Mini Rex Doe for Plush Lops.    


We are Registered with American Rabbit Breeders Association, INC.


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