Rabbit Sales Policy/Agreement

By purchasing a rabbit from K&M Farm, you are agreeing to ALL of the following sales terms:

1.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any rabbit for up to two weeks, unless other arrangements have been made.   After that time if the rabbit has not been picked up, the rabbit(s) will be relisted for sale, and your deposit will not be refunded.  No rabbit will be considered on hold until a deposit is received. 

2.  We accept cash or 
PayPal for payments and deposits. We accept Paypal via friends and family.  If you choose to pay via paypal through services, we will add on a 3% fee to your total, as that is what paypal will charge us.  We do not accept check


3.   All money must be received before any rabbit leaves our possession. 

4.  We hold no responsibility for any rabbit after they leave our possession/Farm
Once a rabbit leaves our possession, no refunds will be given, nor will rabbits be taken back for any reason.  K&M Farm will not be held responsible for, nor pay any veterinary bills or fees at any time for any reason.

5.  We will not knowingly sell a rabbit that is sick or that has a disqualification (unless noted at time of sale). It is your responsibility to check all rabbits prior to them leaving our possession and point out any concern you have so that it may be addressed at that time.


6.  Price on Rabbits will be $30 and Up and this will ensure Bunnies go to good Homes only.  All Bunnies Will come with a small bag of transition feed,   sold as Pet Quality( Non-Pedigreed), but will come with Baby Bunny Certificate.



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